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Sculpture Animation (night)







achieves a remarkable likeness with hard-edged industrial materials.
     Behind her is a colorful, graphic depiction of a ghostly, winged death-angel with skeletal face firing a machine gun. Flames animate from the gun. The mechanical animator creates a cacophanous sound simulating machine gun fire.
    "It is my response to the September 11th terrorist attack,” says Lakich,“and the breakup of my 15-
year relationship. I felt vulnerable and needed to assert my power.” In Self-Portrait with Spectre she confronts one as a powerful Amazon, gazing directly into the viewer’s eyes.
     Lakich created drawings for the sculpture at the end of September 2001 using a photo of herself taken by Richard Jenkins (co-founder with Lakich of the Museum of Neon Art) and the insignia of the AC-130 Gunship, which was one of the Air Force units sent to the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. She completed the sculpture in May of 2002.
    In July of 2002, an AC-130 Gunship fired upon a wedding party in Afghanistan killing 48 civilians and injuring over 100, mostly women and children. In keeping with Afghani custom, the groom was not to join the party until the next morning. He arrived to find he had lost his mother, father, three sisters and four brothers.
    While not issuing a formal apology, President George W. Bush called the attack a tragedy.


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Self-Portrait with Spectre from the series “Self-Portraits with Bombs and Blonde Bombshell” brings Lakich’s work full circle combining her illuminated haut-relief metal sculptural style with the artist’s earliest influences—the graphic imagery of military and tattoo iconography.
     An oversized head and torso (four times the artist’s actual size) is rendered in inch-thick honeycomb aluminum with copper and brass laminates fastened to the the surfaces with machine screws. A halo of perforated brass with square aluminum rods radiates from behind her head. One arm crosses her naked body and completes the torso. Orange and blue neon tubes animate furiously in the area of the artist’s left breast suggesting either an explosion or a heart breaking. Lakich