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Neon Sculpture






After Mona, OASIS: Portrait of Djuna Barnes is perhaps the work that is most reproduced in books and magazines. It’s cool, jazz-age styling is captivating and its subject, the Lesbian cult icon, Djuna Barnes, is a favorite among feminist and Lesbian art historians.
      In her book Neon Lovers Glow in the Dark, Lakich wrote:

      "Frank Sinatra once said, "I'm for anything that can help you make it through the night." For me, that "anything" has been Nightwood by Djuna Barnes. First published in 1936, it is a story of obsessive love and love's relation to the night.In 1978 I went to Paris to do a solo show at a gallery in the St. Germaine des Pres district, the setting of Nightwood. As I walked daily along the same streets that were written about fifty years ago, the book came alive."
       Lakich has created five versions of the work, four of which still exist. She used the photo of Barnes from the back cover of the New Directions paperback and looked to the color combination and design of the Gitanes cigarette pack for inspiration.

Painted steel, glass tubing with argon and krypton gases
96 x 72 x 8 in (244 x 183 x 20 cm)
Collection: Touko Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan