Lakich Studio

Neon Sculpture





Aluminum, antique film reel and bicycle sprocket, argon gas in glass tubing
45 x 41 x 7 in (114 x 104 x 18 cm)

In 1996 Lakich set out to create smaller works that would more easily fit into people’s homes than the large scale works for which she has become known. After her Goddess Icons series sold out, she created a series of “heads” using found objects such as film reels, bicycle sprockets, and motorcycle and car parts which she mostly scavenged at swap meets. Her friend Paul Rayton, a film projectionist, gave her some beautiful antique film reels like the one in Paradox.
      Starting with the concept that in art, as in life, paradise is in your head, Lakich incorporated the words “Paradise,” “Paradox,” “Cinema,” “Art,” and “Desire” into the heads. The works are simultaneously lyrical and ambiguous and meant to be just flat out beautiful.
     The series was first exhibited at the Weho Lounge in West Hollywood in 1996 and at Malibu Gallery in Malibu, California in 2002.