Lakich Studio

Neon Sculpture



Lakich transforms a familiar silhouette into an emblem of the rock ‘n’ roll era. Zigzag and serpentine lines in contrasting pastel and vibrant colors on the surface suggest the lyrical quality of Presley’s voice underscored by rock’s angular rhythms. Animating tubes and the flash of the crackle tube convey the kinetic energy of performer and music while the whole piece floating on a colored nimbus suggest the transmutation of the singer into a secular icon.
     Lakich’s original Elvis (1984) was part of the artist’s 60-piece exhibition at the Touko Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo in 1988 and is featured on the cover of her book, Neon Lovers Glow in the Dark. Elvis was one of eight of Lakich’s sculptures the Touko Museum purchased for their collection.


Elvis II, 1988
Aluminum, copper, brass, glass tubing with neon and argon gases, neon crackle tube, animator
94 x 102 x 10 in (239 x 259 x 25 cm)