Soul to Soul: Portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan was commissioned by Eloise and John Paul De Joria for their Austin, Texas home. Vaughan, who died in a helicopter crash in 1992, is Austin’s local hero and a bronze statue of him stands in the city center.
      Eloise De Joria chose the photo that was to be the inspiration for the sculpture. In it Stevie Ray’s back is to the audience and he is playing his guitar with it behind his back. Because of the size of the wall in their home Lakich felt that the sculpture needed to be eight feet tall. That proved a problem when using a real guitar as the outsized figure would be out-of-scale to the Stratocaster rhythm guitar that Stevie Ray played.
      Lakich took her full-size pattern down to The Guitar Center and solicited the help of the staff in her dilemma. The solution became clear. Lakich bought a Stratocaster bass guitar, which is larger, and changed out the pegs from four to six.

Lakich Studio

Neon Sculpture



Soul to Soul: Portrait of Stevie Ray Vaughan, 2002
Aluminum, brass, guitar, glass tubing with argon gases, krypton crackle tube
120 x 85 x 13 in (305 x 216 x 33 cm)